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Klimatrend Hungary Ltd.' s main activity is the planning, sale, construction, maintenance and service of cooling-, air-conditioning and ventillation technology's systems. Our company established in 1995 with the intention to make a new customer-oriented sale's and service activities. 

Our company's activity was expanded at first in the county Zala, Vas, Veszprém and Somogy, since that it was become as known all over in the country. 

By the raising of the service quality and the sale - expanding in the market - was made such a demand growth, which needed the evolving of a new, concentrated site basis, which was insured since March 2015 in our new site-basis in Kaszaházi Street instead of the well known office in Kelemen Imre Street. 

Here was centralized the sale and the warehouse and the office with the engineering and other administrativ activities. By moving workshops was opened possibility to the realization of the flexible service. At the same time we increased the car park and the number of workmenlike specialists.

To our customer-needs satisfaction, even more efficiently, in 2011 Summer, we started our webshop, which was contributed to the expansion of our distributors all over in the country. 

In the nuturing of our partnerships we gave priority to the continuous training of designer and construction team, which has got a tradition and many years of history. 


Our services:   

1. Sale, construction and installation of cooling-, air conditioning- and ventillation systems and their technical application 

  • Daikin split and multisplit air conditioners
  • Daikin VRV systems
  • Daikin Conveni-pack systems
  • Daikin chillers
  • Daikin heat-pumps
  • Daikin AHU units
  • Daikin fan coil units
  • Airvent, SIGAir Handling fans and other ventillation products
  • Aereco window built in and wall mounted air inlet products and their accessoires

2 . Service and maintenance

It's important the continuous training of our service team and their skilled knowledge and competence. Their trusty job, the high quality and the range selection of our products allow the application and maintenance of complex systems to special needs, included the service, which was attested by our several references. 

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