Air conditioning

Thanks to the continuous development of air conditioning we provide the best solutions to our clients by using new and innovative solutions. 

It is important for us not only to provide competitive products but to ensure competitive trade conditions too. We believe in win-win business. That's why we are eager to present solutions that fulfill both parties' needs. It has utmost importance for us to make and maintain fair business connections. 

We expanded our expertise in planning, implementing and servicing public buildings, factories, special technologies, hospitals, private housings, constructions and building engineering. 

In the air conditioning we offer the following services for our partners

  • Planning, installation, startup, maintenance, service of air-conditioners
  • Free survey of flats, shops and offices
  • Use of heat-pump, geothermal heat-pump
  • Planning and implementation of climate technologies of public buildings, hotels, catering units, production halls, sport facilities
  • The full maintanence of units of residentals, ofices, shops, public buildings, shopping centers, hotels, catering units, industrial facilities
  • Special, unique solutions of climate technologies
  • Planning and installation of cleanroom chamber
  • Retail and wholesale of air conditioners
    • Daikin Split, multi split Sky-air units
    • Daikin VRV Systems
    • Daikin heat-pumps
    • Daikin chillers and fan coil units
    • Daikin Roof-top units
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Humidifiers
  • Deal with control elements of air-conditioning, other expcipients of air conditioners
  • Deal with installation equipments of air conditioners
  • excipients of air conditioners, retail and wholesale of parts 


In our office we are available for our partners with consulting. To make an optimal decision we offer units in our product range just with reliable, sure warranty bachground (DAIKIN), which can be tested in our office (Kaszaházi street) by the customer during operation. We play a prominent role in our product-range to apply the chillers and fan coil units, heat-pumps, geothermal heat-pumps, alternativ energy sourses, Daikin Conveni-pack systems, from the planning till the implementation. Among the product dealed, finished, maintenanced by us, you can find several solution of the Daikin units with high quality. 

If we arousted your interested, please make contact with our colleaugues in our office in Zalaegerszeg or we are at your disposal on phone. 


Air conditioning

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