• Beneficiary: Klimatrend Hungary Construction, Trade and Provider Ltd.
  • Project: Internship program at Klimatrend Ltd.
  • Project identification number: GINOP-5.2.4-16-2016-00030
  • Amount of subsidy: 3 842 610 Ft
  • Rate of subsidy: 100%
  • Project time: 2016.08.02. - 2017.06.12.

Project introduction:

The „Internship program at Klimatrend Ltd.“ contributed to the employement of a young graduate under 25 in a new status, who was qualified in regular school system training. The project was realized in the Youth Guarantee program, we employed a young who already registered in the program. We also involved an OKJ qualified (OKJ 54-582-01) engineering technican into the program. During the project we employed our trainee for 9 months. With additional 4.5 months employment and with the help of a corporate mentor our trainee gained the required professional experience.

We provided the required tools and safety clothing (cordless rotary hammer, cordless grinder, cordless hammer drill, tube bender, one handed bender, electrohydraulic pipe breaker). The project contributed to the groth of our staff, to the professional experience and employment of a young graduate.

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