We can boldly say that during our two decade long expertise we learned every aspect of our partner's needs.

Due to the changes in economy it is more and more important to use high quality and low operation cost technologies. That is true in case of the cooling technology. 

Besides the importance of the technological goals we ephasize the acquistion and operational costs.

Due to our wide range of expertise we provide solutions from planning to operation. 

Our work is spread out in cooling technology to the following products and services

  • Planning and implementation of cooling technologies called Daikin Conveni-pack 
  • Planning and implementation of refrigeration units from Daikin ZEAS 
  • Planning and integration of alternativ green energie sources
  • Planning, design, installation, maintenance and services of cooling/refrigerations systems 
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of cooling technologies
  • Technological planning, production and installation of freezer compartment
  • Planning, installation and maintenance of cells with regulated airspace from vegetables and fruits (ULO technologies)
  • Planning and installation of chicken - and meat processing factory
  • Manufactoring and installation of quick freezer and schock-chamber 
  • Provide solution for special and unique cooling needs 
  • Retail, wholesale and installation of capacitors, evaporators, screw-, piston-, and scroll compressors and group aggreagators
  • Distribution of control units, accessoires, spare parts and other materials
  • With the spread of chillers and fan coil units is occurs a growing demand on the using of the power-saving and environmentally friendly solutions


In favour of  our partners' special satisfaction became the products in our supply a higher-priority as using the heat-pumps, gethermal heat-pumps and alternativ energie sourses.

Among our products became the Daikin's chillers a high priority, because of the high quality, these are by our several references provided. 

Since 2010 our firm installed Daikin Conveni-pack systems in several department stores in Hungary, by them we are made a big step in the profession of commercial cooling, because this system (Conveni-pack) integrates high and low temperature refrigeration and air conditioning (including heating) into one system and optimised controls and state of the art compressor technology, can reduce annual energy consumption up to 50 % or  more, compared to conventional systems. 

The organic part of our company's activity is cold stores, freezer compartment and implementation of special cooling project. 

The chambers sold by us depending on temperature and static requirements made by polyurethane rigid foam isulated panel with thickness of 60-250 mm. Typical of the chambers is the high stability, built the joints without thermal break, with painted or stainless design, which can be built in any size and form. 

During our planning we always give priority to the energy rationalization principles, according to our partners' needs and to the heat recovery and the inverter technology. Every cooling equipments' reliability's most important part is the refrigeration unit. In our product catalog can be found the built-in aggregate and the tradtitionally installed aggregate-systems and the environmentally friendly group aggregate systems. (Copeland, Bitzer)

With our continously expanding we offer mainly the energysaver operational technologies and the environmentally friendly implementations. 

We give fully warranty fo the by us designed systems, which is by our continously expanding service team granted. 

As needed we offer possibility with internet access to get and analise informations about our systems we have controlled over. According to the dailly informations the operational efficiency can be increased to a larg extent. The minimize of the malfunction can be reached by the intervention of the systemprocesses in time, thereby we can prevent the system interference and system donetime. 

We offer lump sum contact and possibility to make maintenance contract. For our contracted partners we pay an emphasized attention to do the repairing activities out of turn. 

Our store's extensive partbase offer the uninterrupted repairing activity and the transaction of partsdeal. 



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