Privacy Policy

1. Principles 

The domain website's operator (in the following: "Website"), as data management (in the following: "Data management") feels obliged to itself the following

information content and currect legislation's regulation and commits to be compliance in each data management in the website and its related solutions. 

Data management's name: Klimatrend Hungary Ltd.     

Data management’s registration number: Cg-20-09-063153         

Data management’s seat: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Kaszaházi út 32.     

Data management’s contact: Tamás Enikő 

The data management is commited to provide its users’, partners’ personal datas and finds it important to respect affected’s information self-determination right. The Data management use the personal datas confidentially and make all of safety, technical and organizational measures, which are guaranteed the data’s safety.

With the beginning of the website’s using the user (in the following: „User”) accept all conditions in the following information content, that’s why we ask, to read this data management’s content thoroughly before using the website.If anything is for the User in the following Data prospect not clear, please don't hesitate to contact us and we give answers for all quiestions. 

2.  Data management’s rules

The following Data management temporal scope is from 1. January 2018 till cancellation.

The following informative content’s conceptual system is identical to the Info law’s 3. appropriate interpretative glossary. To use personal datas can be possible to exercise of rights or in order to fullfil this obligations. The private using of the personal data’s by data management is not allowed. The data handling has to be complianced to the purpose limitation’s principle.The legal basis of data handling is in principle the affected’s contribution and in case of any data management (for example: personal datas on the invoice) is the law normative. The Data management gives informations for the affected in time of data recording, its personal data’s handling will be done by the Privacy statement’s standard principles. The Privacy policy's written acceptance certify the understanding and accept of it and the contribution of the data handling.

The Data management use personal datas just for a specific purpose, in order of  law enforcement and obligation fulfillment, according to the affected’s prior consent or law and statutory authorization, to reach its goal to a minimum and a time. The data handling has to be complianced to the goal and if data handling’s goal is ceased, or if the handling of datas is illicit, the datas will be deleted.

The Data management before of the data recording informs the affected about the goal  and claim of the data handling. 

If the person within the scope of the regulations becomes aware of personal data’s fault, deficient and unseasonable, it is obliged to correct it or to petitioner it’s correction at the colleague, who is responsible for recording datas.

The company’s staff keep of the unauthorized persons to look into the personal datas and take care of the storing of the personal datas be developed in such a way, not to be awailable, cognizable, changed and destroyed by unauthorized persons. The supervision of the company’s privacy policy is the executive director’s task.

3. Security of data management

The Data mmanagement is not responsible for such a data aquisition or for unauthorized access or for any damage by Users. In addition the Users can give its personal datas for a 3. person, who can use them for unauthorized goal or in unauthorized way. 

4.  Affected enforcing rights

The affected can request to be informed about his personal datas’ handling or its correction, cancellation at  – without data processing odered by law. 

4.1.   Right to information

For the affected’s request the Data management give information about the datas handling or the datas handling by Data processing, its source, its goal, its claim, its period and the name, address of the data processing, the activity in connection with the data management, the circumstance of the privacy incidents, their efficients and about of the protection measures and  the data transmission’s claim and their addreassat. The company answers for the affected’s application  in connection with its personal datas in 25 days in writing. The information expanded on the Info law 15. § (1) based informations, if the affected’s information according to the law can not be denied. The data management correct the non-realistic datas – if the necessary datas and the public documents are available - and in case of causes according to the 17. § (2) arrange the cancellation of the personal datas.

4.2. Right of protest

The affected can protect against its personal datas handling

a)      if it’s because of forwarding, or fulfillment of legal obligation or the data management, receiving data or third person’s legitimate interests necessarly, without obligatory data management

b)      if the personal data’s handling or its forwarding im interest of direct business acquistion, poll or sciencific research; and

c)     in - by the law specified - any other cases

The company tests the protest within the most recent time - within 25 days - from the date of submission of the application,  makes decision on its merits and send an anwer for the affected about its decision in writing

If the protest is grounded, the data handling will be deleted by the company, and the datas will be blocked, - and about the protest, the measures based on that - will be informed all of those people, for whom the personal datas earlier have been forwarded  and those people, who are bounded to take action im interest of rights of protest. If the affected doesn't agree with the decision in case of the protest or the termin will be missed by the company, the affected can court from decision or from the decision's last day in 30 days according to the Infolaw 22  §.  If the protest is well-founded, the Data management acts according to the 21 § (3).

4.3. Blocking

The personal datas will be blocked by the Data management, if the affected ask it or if based on available informations can be supposed, the datas’ cancellation would be hurt the affected’s legitimate interest. The blocked personal datas can be used till  the data managing goal, which the personal data's cancellation has been excluded.

4.4. Cancellation

The personal datas will be deleted, if the data handling is illicit, the affected ask it or the datas are deficient or incorrect – this situation couldn’t be solved legally – if the cancellation by law won’t be excluded, the goal of data management has been eliminated or the legally determined term of the storing data expired or it was by the Court or the National Data Protection Authority ordered. The company has got 25 days to delete, block or to correct the personal datas. The affected will be informed by the company about its measures, and those people, for whom the datas were im interest of data handling forwarded. The grievance award will be payed by company in connection with illegal data’s handling or breach of data security requirements in case of personality violation and any other damage,too. The Data management shall be exempted from the obligation of the damaged caused and from the recompansing of  the grievance award, if it was proved, that the affected’s personal datas were been hurt by unavoidable reason outside of data management's scope. It won’t be compensated for damage, if it was caused by the harmed’s intended or grossly negligent behaviour .

5. Personal datas by data handling

In case of the user’s free-will data service can be given the following datas: (free-will means: to fulfill the service it’s necessarly)



„Phone number”


6. Detailled data instructions

About Cookies

If you are browsing on the website, it can be occured, that we use cookies or similar technologies for identification of your browser and equipments.

The cookie is a small text file, which will be used on your computer, if you are visiting on a website. If you browse again on that website - thank the cookies - the website can recognize your browser. The cookies can store users settings and any other informations,too. On any platform – where the cookies are not available or not used – will be used any other technologies, which goals are similar to cookies: for example the ad ID on android mobile phone. You can restore your browser settings to refuse all of cookies or to sign if the system is setting a cookie.It can possible, that any website functions or services won’t be function without cookies.

On the website the Google Analytics use cookies, their function based on  the Google Privacy policy’s directive. (

Email addresses using for direct marketing:

The Data management send for the registrations email address marketing letter in such a case, if the User to it earlier contributed. The permission statement can be taken back without

Email addresses using for direct marketing:

The Data management send for the registrations email address marketing letter in such a case, if the User it earlier contributed. The permission statement can be taken back without restriction or justification, with help of a link in the marketing letter. The Data management provides the possibility of the cancellation on the email or to the address : 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Kaszaházi Str. 32. In case of administrative time we suppose to check out with help of a link.

7. Term of the data management

The datas will be handling by Data management till cancellation.

8. Datas’ forwarding

Won’t be forwarded

The company can complain in connection with data management process to the NDPIA

Name:                      National Data Protection and Information Authority

Seat:                        1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet alley 22/C.


The affected – based on its choice – can be enforced in court. For jugdement is within the jurisdiction of the court. The proceeding – based on the affected’s choice – can be launched place of residenc or of location.


The whole text of the Privacy policy:


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