During the two decade the Klimatrend Hungary Ltd. put into the foreground their specialists training and the develop the infrastructure and the part tool. 

Our dynamically developed service group, our qualified staff provides guarantee to contribute our partners' satisfaction. 

Our service group offers the following services

  • the maintenance and service of cooling and ventillation systems, offices, bussiness centers, ATS 
  • the maintenance and service of sports facilities, pure spaces 
  • bacterial release of air conditioners in banks, credit institutions, hotels, apartements, flats 
  • the maintenance, measurement of operating conditions, operation of system supervisors of cold storage 
  • definition of optimal cooling capacity and installations possibility during the survey
  • installation and comissioning of air conditioners 
  • customized maintenance activities as needs with annual data supply, proposal 
  • controlling of cooling and HVAC systems, to make adjustment, measurement control 
  • completition of leak test 

Our colleauges offer special, unique solution after one-site survey for our prospective partners, about the units and the installation condtitions. Our service team take part in the work of mounting, installation, maintenance, operations of office buildings, bank, hotels, hospitals, shops, freezing chambers, flats etc. all over in the country. During of our project we provide materials of 1th class and a high quality of work. 

Our service adtivities make just specialist teams with qualified service team with green card. The professional expansion of our service team will be redounded by continuos training. (Daikin - Austria) 

With service softwares we can follow up the operation state of cooling equipments and air conditioners, it can be indicated in time the expected malfunction, therefore can be prevented the occurence of extraordinary events. The continuous factory contact and the engineering data suplly helps our service team. The continously service activity of our team is provided by the high infrastructure and the modern device background. 

Our service team, our enginiers offer informations about the products markets and serviced by us. During our competitions we offer to our partners material security and work quality of first class. 

Our on-call service provide for our contracted partners with avaibility of repair time in 4 hours. 

  • Phone: +36/30/530-8751

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