Klimatrend Hungary's main profile in the field of ventillation are retail and wholesale, system-planning, implementation and service. 

Our product catalog contains AIRVENT, AERECO and SIGAir Handling products. 

We fulfill our partners' needs with having large stock at our Kaszaházi street shop and by operating a webshop. 

Our product catalog contains a wide range of fan systems

  • Houshold fans (bathroom, toilet, kitchen ventillation, built fans etc.)
  • Industrial fans (duct fans, channel fans, smoke-gas fans, thermofans, axialfans, roofvent etc.)
  • special fans (exposion proof etc.)

We offer the following HVAC products

  • Air handling units (Flex air handling units, Rotary AHU, heat recovery units etc.)
  • Roof-top units
  • Plastic and galvanized steel lattices, jalouises, flaps, air diffusers, blowing and extraction elements, circular and quadrialateral shape, ceiling diffusers etc.)
  • Air curtain units, air purifier, dehumidifier units
  • Pipes and shapes made from galvanized steel and aluminium (spiro, flexibel aluminium etc.)
  • Filters (bag, zig-zag, steril, framed, with activ carbon etc.)
  • Control systems (frequency changers, valves etc.)
  • Heating-cooling calorifers, electrical himidifier units
  • HVAC fixing elements

Since 2006 Klimatrend Hungary Ltd. is the main delaer of Aereco window built in and wall mounted air intake elements and accessoires. Aereco products provide fresh air to all kind of premises in a controlled way and maintain air flow to open combustion chamber systems. We achieve the unique control of our ventillation systems by using Danfoss, Eberle, Siemens, Ranco, Sauter controllers. During the implementation we use the traditional cirlce and rectangular shaped galvanized steel air pipes according to the needs. 

By using pre-insulated plate conduit we can fulfill special needs quichly and accurate. The usage of pre-insulated air counduits provide 55% energy saving compared to the traditional technology. Besides having only quality products, we support our partners' optimal decision-making with wide range of services. 

We provide local consultancy, survey, planning, special system implementation and maintenance. 


We offer the following air engineering services to our current and future partners

  • Planning and implementation of ventillation in apartments, shops, offices
  • Planning and implementation of air systems in factories and industrial compounds
  • Dehumidification of bathrooms, pools
  • Smoke-gas discharge of garages and parking lots
  • Planning, distribution, implementation of ventillation equipments and AHU
  • Adjustment of ventillation systems,creating measurement reports

During the implementation of special ventillation systems - like clean space systems - we comply strict technology and evrionmental regulations and prefer to use energy efficient solutions. Our work success is proven by the growing number of our clients and numerous references. With our new information system we are optimising our market research based client satisfaciton to suffice customer needs in a fast and precise way. Time is mone, flexibility and quichness is getting more important in our and our partners' daily activities. 

If you are interested or you have quiestions, no not hesitate to contact us. 


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